Technical Help for RCSatHome

Starting up a school issued ChromeBook:

Make sure it is charged or plugged in.

Open it up and power on.

It will ask you to sign in to a Google Account in one of the following ways:

  1. Students who have been enrolled in any Rhea County School previously can use theirs from school, which is the same as their RCSatHome login and password.
  2. Students can use a personal google account.
  3. Students can continue as guest.

Logging into the program first time

Logins and passwords use this format: and Rhea1234


After you log in, you should have a message that will show a link to an orientation video.  Copy and paste the link into the address bar of your browser window.  Watch the video.


Any time you have a message, you must acknowledge that you have read the message that appears on your screen before you can advance.  There is also a need help tab on the right side of your screen.  We will use today to familiarize you with the program.  Your individual classes will show up Monday, August 17. 

Unable to Submit Error Message

Sometimes students are unable to submit assignments due to being timed out by the system. This usually occurs with lengthy assignments.  The other time is when the students have had an interruption in the internet, causing the system to log them/ time them out.

If the student does get timed/logged out, they can try to open PLP in another tab (without closing their current one), log in, then try to re-submit.

Great Idea for Lengthy Assignments:
If students are using the submission box to type into, it would be beneficial to actually type answers/essay in a Google doc (Google auto saves every few seconds). Then, when the assignment/typing is complete, copy and paste into the submission box.


If you need assistance, you can email 

RCSatHome Meals

Meals are available for pickup at Rhea Central Elementary and Spring City Elementary on Monday mornings beginning on August 17th.  You are required to pre-order meal the previous week. Look for the link under RCSatHome heading on our website.