Rhea County School Nutrition Program

Rhea County's Food Services manages breakfasts and lunches for all six county schools and all county educators on Professional Development days. We have three Central Office staff members and approximately 40 employees around the county. We also offer nutrition education through the classroom when the opportunity arises. One large facet of Food Services is managing Federal Food & Lunch program in Rhea County.


Ms. Sally  Lane, Food Service Supervisor

Ms. Beverly  Hicks, Food Service Bookkeeper

Ms. Melanie  Myers, Food Service Clerk

School Cafeteria Managers

Frazier Elementary:  Sue Burdette

Graysville Elementary:  Gloria Rapson 

Spring City Elementary:  Eva Dunigan 

Spring City Middle:  Sonya Hamman

Rhea Central Elementary:  Deborah Smith

Rhea County High:  Ruel Barnett

Rhea Middle School:  Kimberly Mayberry

Field Manager:  Deborah Blackmon

For more information, contact our office at (423)775-7812